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Lugansk State Agrarian University

Address: 91008,  Lugansk –8, Agrarian University

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The history of agricultural education in Lugansk Oblast started from a model farm (1826). The farm was transformed into training one by the State decree in 1841. Lugansk agricultural vocational school was established in 1914 and in 1921 after the decision of Donetsk Provincial Department of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic it was transformed into Lugansk Farming Technical School. In 1929 it was changed in to Lugansk Farming Institute, in 1930 – to the Institute of Vegetables Growing, in 1934 –into the Institute of Fruit and Vegetables Growing and in 1936 – to Agricultural Institute. Lugansk State Agrarian University was established on the basis of Agricultural Institute according to the Ukraine Chamber of Ministers Decree.

The University of the IV accreditation level is advancing as educational scientific productive complex that comprises two Research Institute Branches, one Research Institute, 2 colleges, 6 technical schools, Regional Institute of Agricultural Management, and a number of lyceums and schools.

Training of specialists is done as full time education and by correspondence. Continuous system of specialist training is implemented at the University. It includes preparatory, higher schooling and postgraduate education. The “bachelor-specialist-master degree” was developed on the basis of professional training programmes. Financing is provided by state budget, juridical and physical persons.

There are 10 faculties at the University:

  • Speciality: Agronomy; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Speciality: Veterinary Medicine; Zoological Engineering faculty
  • Speciality: Zoological Engineering; Economy faculty
  • Speciality: Management of Organisations, Accounting and Auditing; Faculty of Farm-Mechanisation
  • Speciality: Mechanisation of Agriculture; Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Speciality: Industrial and Civil Engineering; Faculty of Food Technologies
  • Speciality: Technology of Preserving, Processing of Milk and Dairy Products, Technology of Meat and Meat Products Preserving and Processing.

As well as:

  • Faculty of Education by Correspondence. Speciality: Agronomy, Zoological Engineering, Management of Organisations, Accounting and Auditing, Farm-Mechanisation, Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Public Professions(Second speciality): 29 departments of humanitarian, art and technical profiles and 15 sport sections
  • Faculty of Post Graduate Education  - all above mentioned specialities, second higher education.  

There are 39 chairs at the University, one agricultural research station, 8 scientific-research laboratories, postgraduate department on 12 specialities, magistracy on 6 specialities, printing workshop and other departments. There is a training-research farm and 5 branched chairs on production places that provide practical training and contribute to professional orientation of training process at the University.

University infrastructure consists of: 6 training-laboratory buildings, 7 hostels, one Club for students, one library, canteen, a number of buffets, a café, training-production workshops, auto park, health centre, first-aid-post, sport complex with two stadiums and summer rest camps “Sotera” (Alushta, Crimea), Nadiya” (village Sopino), “Mriya” (village Yuganivka on the river Derkul).

The training process at the University is provided with modern equipment and devices. University Managerial Board is constantly working on upgrading of IT level for training process. Modern IT Centre and Training – Information Department of IT Technologies and 18 IT classes of all faculties of the University contribute to that.

Library fund consists of 360,5 thousand books. There are two reading rooms for 220 person available for students and tutors at the University. Also there is a museum at the University where students can get acquainted with the history, formation and development of their University.

There are 6.500 students at the University, 65% of them are full time students.

Training personnel consists of 363 highly qualified tutors and lecturers, of them are 34 doctors of sciences and professors, 188 candidates of sciences and assistant professors.

Agrarian University constantly develops its International links with foreign training and scientific-research institutions, plants producing agricultural equipment from Russia, Byelorussia, and European Union. Joint developments and projects are aimed at supporting local producers of farm products and to improve agricultural education in Ukraine. Information-Consultancy Centre is functioning at the University. It provides direct support in reforming the agricultural sector of regional economy.

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